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Vader Down

Diorama and digital art

Inspired from "Star Wars Vader Down" by Marvel

Being a "Star Wars" fan, I was inspired by the crash scene from "Vader Down" into Vrogas Vas planet. Therefore, I thought of recreating this scene to seem real and epic.

So I took this challenge as a personal project and decided to create a diorama about the crash and to add digital art to it.

Introduction page from the "Star Wars Vader Down", from which I got inspired.

Tie X1 fighter crash - The making of

Vader with the Tie X1 crash - The making of

My version of the crash scene where Vader cut his way out with his lightsaber.

The crash scene with Vader.

Night shot scene after hours from the crash.

Crop at 100%

Crop at 100%

Left: Original photo - Right: After retouching

I decided to remove the original cape of the model and added another one on Photoshop because the original cape was too solid and with little details.

Every part of Vader was taken as a project to make every single detail looks real and accurate. The most challenging part was fixing Vader's neck and adding a cape on his shoulders

Initial paint applications and assembly of the model kit before the weathering.

A mixture of black and silver paint was given to the cockpit cover (image left) to give a deep and dark metallic look.

This was another challenge where I had no chance for mistakes.

I started cutting slowly and then I increased the depth of the destruction until I was satisfied.

After cutting the cockpit part, where Vader breaks his way out using his lightsaber.

Checking the placement of the Tie X1 before adding the final texture to the ground.

Real life size comparison.

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